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Custom Software Development

Every business has its own language. We know many and we have been still learning more. Our software development team converts business processes into machine languages following the Domain Driven Design priciples

  • Free project estimation
  • Planning and consulting
  • Implementation and testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

We lease our best developers – remotely or on-site. By using our team leasing service, you avoid:

  • Costs of searching and recruiting programmers
  • Costs of integrating new team
  • And instantly get the team of already professionals, that have years of experience in various IT projects.

Team Leasing


We offer complex services in the field of Development and Operations, popularly called DevOps. Our services cover whole development process, from the ideation to the monitoring of running application.

  • Configuring and integrating systems
  • Automation of implementation process
  • Optimization of development process
  • Monitoring systems in terms of efficiency and safety

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