Oakfusion launches Kickboxing section

Keep your body strong

There are several standards in our IT market, regarding entertaining and serve "breakers" during common work. For "sitting lovers" we have XBox. Table tennis, table soccer to force any movement. Most of companies feel that entertaining people with such things is enough. Not in Oakfusion.

Professional gym in our office is waiting for everyone willing to improve body shape and condition.

Not enough ? We've just launched our internal Kick Boxing section, led by experienced and titled K1 / MMA fighter.

Talents forge extended with Frontend app

Frontend Talents Forge ready to go !

Since Talents Forge works pretty well, and satisfies both sides (Oakfusion and Internals) - we decided to launch "Frontend Forge". First two lucky trainees were invited.

Frontend developers in Forge will develop standalone application in React.js. Results of their work, as well as whole Forge project, will be soon released as Open Source Project.

One suprising thing worth to be noted: Number of applications sent in responce to our offer, has truly exceeded our expectations. Looks like local IT market is so attractive, that lures a lot of people, not only educated in computer science. Today, beginners must be prepared for quite big competition with joining first IT company.

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