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The world is changing fast. We know that your projects need to be worked on and deployed with at least the same speed or even faster. Oak solid work and agile speed – that is exactly what you can expect from us.

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Agile is the best philosophy for software development we could have ever imagined.

Agile describes a set of guiding principles for building software through iterative development. We implement these principles within scrum framework.

Traditional approach to planning and estimating is simply not efficient in nowadays dynamic, change-driven projects. Predictability of duration of development periods determines the capacity and makes schedule of communication simple.

agile process

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product planning

Agile development methods require Agile planning. We focus on the effort where it really matters, and continue to do so when situation change. It makes the schedule more predictable and easier to scope.

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iteration planning

Having short iterations allows more agility to respond to changing market conditions keeping product relevant.

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Agile development allows timely delivery of software at the early stage of software life cycle.

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Efficient quality management ensures best results, efficiency and reliability. Our mission is to provide outstanding added-value for our customers.

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code review

Code reviews are integrated with a OakFusion’s existing process, that makes identification of the defects of software more effective.

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Frequent release process gives working product within short period of time and provides a rapid feedback loop.

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scrum framework

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scrum master

Responsible for making sure a Scrum team lives by the values and practices of Scrum, ensures that the scrum process is used as intended.

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product owner

Key stakeholder which has a vision of what needs to be delivered and it's the only person who can prioritize the work.

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development team

Development team will always do their best to bring product owner vision into reality.

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product backlog

The Product Backlog is an ordered list of requirements that might be needed in the product managed by a person with the ability to understand the business’ needs.

sprint cycle

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sprint backlog

The Sprint Backlog represents list of the tasks popped off the top of the Product Backlog in order to deliver an increment of functional software at the end of that sprint.

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sprint time

Repeatable work cycle, known as a sprint or iteration. During each sprint, a team creates a shippable product, no matter how basic that product is.

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product increment

The product increment is the sum of everything that has been newly built in all the sprints since the last release.

product cycle

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Software build in the way it could be always deployed to production automatically.

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product done

Scrum provides working product as the sum of all the product backlog items completed during a sprintat and all previous sprints according to the scrum team's Definition of Done.

budget planning

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agile contract

We keep an eye on the pulse of the project, the budget and the needs of our clients. The changes are discussed with the customer to determine priority of the features relative to budget and timeline.

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fixed price

Deliverables are agreed upon up front only with little flexibility with regard to changing features. Any change requires change order and additional funds to be approved.

Nearshoring offers virtual teams cooperating with internal staff.

Nearshoring offers virtual teams cooperating with internal staff.

Nearshoring offers virtual teams cooperating with internal staff. The short distance provides completely new opportunities for team integration and makes collaboration with nearshore resources much easier and more agile.

Oak Fusion recognizes that quality is crucial in Software Development.

Oak Fusion recognizes that quality is crucial in Software Development.

We are committed to provide you with the highest standards. Our quality practices provide seamless control throughout the duration of your project and beyond

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