A forge of talents has been established to offer young developers a starting point in professional IT world together with great adventure. Being young engineer(developer) or just graduated with full of passion and enthusiasm makes you right candidate to apply through our sign up form and join our scrum team.

We invite you to join real Scrum Team to play an important role in helping our clients.
Start your professional career now – develop professional Web Project!

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How it works

Most important things about forge

- Forge team is made of 4-6 Developers working under the lead of Architect and Product Owner.

- Web Projects are being designed, developed and launched.

- Product Owners and Architects are responsible for performance growth of Developers through knowledge, best practice and experience sharing together with control of the project.

- Project lead time takes approximately few months.

- We are using scrum methodology.

- We don’t talk about money. If you are willing to support us in development of new Web Projects we are offering best training opportunities.


What will you achieve ?

You will improve programming skills

Each Project contains Full Stack of technologies. What does it mean ? You will be practicing in:

- Java Web

- Frontend applications

- Basics of DevOps

Soft skills

Learn how to become team player and understand language of IT world..

Real experience

From employers perspective, you will gain priceless first valuable position in your CV: working on real Web Project.