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Our goal is to create quality software using the latest stack and tools. All this in a great atmosphere and a high level of work culture. Take a look at our job offers, and feel free to send us a message.

Requirements for you

- One of our core technologies at the minimum regular level

- Hungry for knowledge

- Team player

- Positive attitude

Best of Oakfusion

- Great atmosphere, projects and people

- High level of seniority, knowledge and skills

- Different types of projects, from long-term remote up to international adventures

- We constantly help developers to improve and gain new skills

Oakfusion core stack

- Java 8+

- Java Web stack: Spring, CQRS etc.

- Frontend: Angular and React.js

- Cloud & DevOps: Amazon Web Services, Docker/Kubernetes

Core stack:

Java 8+


Mid, Senior, Lead

Java Full Stack Developer

Full Stack means developer has already desired Java skills, and also some in the other areas : Cloud, DevOps, Frontend, Mobile, Quality. Or something else. Nice if you have already one of them; if not, you have to be open minded for such adventures.

Since Java is our first and core programming language, you can count on really high competences and knowledge gathered in our teams. Always willing to share this knowledge with you.

Core stack:

Angular, React.js


Mid, Senior

Frontend Developer

Looking for experienced Angular or React.js developer. One of this is enough, perfect to have knowledge of two.
Other standard requirements for frontend area: REST, HTML, CSS.

Oakfusion frontend team is already set with few Tech leads. If you are looking for learning new skills opportunities, or challenge your existing competences, please apply.

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